About Us

We are passionate about building great businesses, investing and applying our capital and expertise to accelerate the creation of long-term value in mid-sized companies.

We work with private and corporate owners of mid-sized business owners (with revenues between $5 and $20 million)

  • who are seeking to exit
  • looking to facilitate ownership change/succession planning, or
  • to accelerate their growth through opening new markets or via acquisitions.

We partner with private equity investors in New Zealand and Australia and are looking to either wholly or partially invest in high potential New Zealand businesses.

Taking a long-term interest in the opportunities we invest in, we apply our expertise and capital to build sustainable value and ensure the planned value creation outcomes are realised. Working alongside senior management teams, we proactively support them to identify and implement operational initiatives that deliver the required long-term value. Working with our capital partners to bring equity, we also invest our own money, making us just as committed to achieving success as the business owners and investors we partner with.

Bringing operational excellence to create new value, we apply our unique methodology and leverage off our network of experts who are specialists in various business disciplines. We extensively analyse the company’s operations, their markets and their unique competitive advantage, building a deep understanding of the goals they have for themselves and for the company. Armed with this knowledge we evaluate possibilities, develop the potential strategies and bring the capital needed to put their plans into action.

We believe in a collaborative approach to working with capital partners, investors and business-owners, combining our experience, knowledge, networks and capital with theirs to create value for all.

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