Our Value Philosphy

What is value creation?

We believe long-term sustainable value is derived from developing a well-defined competitive advantage which enables businesses to sustain a strong growth and high returns on invested capital. This advantage is achieved by investing in a unique set of capabilities that together deliver a superior value proposition to the customer compared to its competitors.

The mid-sized companies we work with

Generally, the mid-sized companies we invest in will have an annual revenue of $10 – $60m and

  • have a history of stable revenue and earnings
  • hold a strong or unique market position
  • have potential to significantly grow revenue and earnings

To achieve their full potential they require capital, advice and expert skills. In many cases, the owners of the business have set up and run the business and are now looking for ways to extract capital from the business or exit altogether while ensuring the business can continue to thrive beyond their tenure.

Why sustainable value creation?

The benefits of sustainable value creation flow well beyond just the owners and capital providers of a business, allowing employees, suppliers and the wider stakeholders in the community to benefit.

Sustainable value creation provides businesses with the means to grow and expand. It creates a reason why customers should buy from you again and again. It gives investment partners and capital providers confidence in your ability to deliver the required return on their capital. And it enables the owners of the business to demonstrate the full value of a business to potential new owners, allowing these owners to maximise the sale price at the time of exit.