Capital Partners

We work with Capital Partners, sourcing and qualifying high potential mid-market investment opportunities. We seek to co-invest in these opportunities and take the role of an operating partner, working closely with the management team of the investee company to develop and execute plans that accelerate sustainable growth and value creation.

Our aim is to help businesses capitalise on any near value enhancement opportunities while also building towards longer term sustainable value based on a superior competitive position and enhancing its defensible intellectual property (IP).

We have developed our own value creation IP based on our mid-market experience and a selection of modern best practice principles.

Our 5 Pillars to Building Great Businesses

Strategically Driven

A winning strategy requires clarity of purpose and aspiration combined with an understanding of how superior value is created for the customer and the capabilities that are to be deployed to gain competitive advantage.

Customer Led

Winning with customers requires developing an understanding of the evolving requirements of the customer and actively designing a value proposition that delights the customer at all points of their customer journey and experience.

Operational Excellence Focused

Winning operationally requires understanding and the continual improvement of the core business processes and developing a way of working that efficiently delivers the value proposition of the organisation.

People Centered

Winning through people and culture requires the right organizational structure and people capability. Engagement is achieved when team members are empowered to be change agents and are at the centre of solutions and innovation.

Value & Results Oriented

Ultimately, winning requires businesses to sustain growth over medium to long term and deliver high returns on capital invested.

The investment value chain

We work with Capital Partners throughout their investment value chain, ensuring value is created for all parties.

Sourcing the right Deal

Developing the right investment thesis and due diligence

Right value creation model and execution

Realising value and exit management

Deal origination
We source high potential mid-market investment opportunities for our Capital Partners through our growing network of business owners and intermediaries.

Investment thesis development
We seek to develop a deep understanding of the business, its competitive environment and long-term value potential, and work with you to develop a compelling and executable basis for delivering long-term value to the business being invested in.

Deal facilitation
We work alongside you and are able to take a lead role in deal negotiation and managing financial, legal and commercial due diligence.

We take a true partnership position, co-investing alongside you to align interests to ensure value is realised.

Operational Execution and Value Realisation
We believe that long-term sustainable value is derived from developing a well-defined competitive advantage which enables business to sustain strong growth and high returns on invested capital.
We work hands-on with the business invested in to implement the pre-deal investment thesis, providing oversight, support and expertise to senior management to ensure the value creation strategy is successfully implemented. Through our growing network of subject matter experts we are able to introduce specific operational and industry expertise, ensuring value potential is realised.

Exit management
We assist with the exit process to realise the value created.

How we’ll work in partnership with you?

As our name says, we believe in partnerships and that’s how we’ll work with you.

Your objectives
It starts with understanding your objectives and the investment criteria and value proposition you are looking to deliver to your investors. This enables us to present the right opportunities and involve you at the right stage of the negotiation process.

Deal Presentation
We will present deals that match your investment criteria and that we would consider investing in ourselves. We seek to understand the industry dynamics and present you with our view on the investment thesis.

Deal negotiation & Due Diligence
We will facilitate vendor introductions and the ‘getting to know you’ process via vendor/management meetings and presentations. We facilitate the negotiation process and support the due diligence process.

We seek to gain a deeper understanding of the business, its people and culture. We seek to clarify and align the collective agenda of all stakeholders. And we provide support and expertise to the management team to deliver on the value creation plans.

Trust & Transparency
Our business is built on valued long-term relationships based on mutual trust, open communications and a willingness to share ideas, expertise and rewards. We work hard to achieve this.