Business Owners

We invest capital in high quality businesses with an enterprise value of $5M to $10M.

We understand that accessing the combination of Capital, Resources and the right Expertise remains a hurdle for growth for Kiwi SMEs with strong growth prospects. We have scale-up expertise within our networks to support the businesses we invest in.

We welcome your inquiry if you are seeking Capital to fund:


Shareholder Exit and Sell-down

Management Buyouts (MBOs)

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Our five pillars for building great businesses.

Strategically Driven

A winning strategy requires clarity of purpose and aspiration combined with an understanding of how superior value is created for the customer and the capabilities that are to be deployed to gain competitive advantage.

Customer Led

Winning with customers requires developing an understanding of evolving requirements of the customer and actively designing a value proposition that delights the customer at all points of their customer journey and experience.

Operational Excellence Focused

Winning operationally requires understanding and the continual improvement of the core business processes and developing a way of working that efficiently delivers the value proposition of the organisation.

People Centered

Winning through people and culture requires the right organizational structure and people capability. Engagement is achieved when team members are empowered to be change agents and are at the centre of solutions and innovation.

Value & Results Oriented

Ultimately, winning requires businesses to sustain growth over medium to long term and deliver high returns on capital invested.

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