Business Owners

We work with owners, boards and senior managers of corporate and private businesses with revenue between $5m – $60m who are:

Seeking capital and expertise to grow or expand operations

Seeking capital and expertise to facilitate a succession plan or an ownership change

Looking to exit

We provide capital, expertise and help to:

Build value through growth

Realise value through the right exit process

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How Successful Founders, CEO’s and CFO’s Fund Business Growth

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Building value through growth

New opportunities like expansion into new markets, product development or a new business acquisition require additional funds and expertise.

Working with your company’s senior management and our network of specialists, we identify the opportunities for expansion and growth, developing and guiding sound implementation plans. And in conjunction with our capital partners we can provide access to the capital needed to help achieve it.

We help clarify the full potential of the business

We provide access to long term capital without requiring debt, addition capital from owners or reliance on earnings

We bring the necessary expertise to help execute and realise the value from the growth initiatives

Realising value through the right exit process

For many medium-sized business owners, a key challenge is developing adequate succession strategies that allow you to free up capital while ensuring the on-going viability of the business. Working with owners, we look to offer exit solutions that are flexible to the owner’s requirements, whether seeking to sell the business or looking to unlock equity in the business.

Do you need to exit now?

Do you need to prepare the business for an exit?

Do you prefer to transition out of the business over time in a way that suits you?

Capital Partners

We work with a number of private equity capital firms in New Zealand and Australia and are looking to either wholly or partially invest in high potential New Zealand businesses.

Operational expertise

We work hands-on with you to develop and execute on opportunities that deliver value, providing oversight, support and expertise to senior management to ensure the value creation strategy is successfully implemented. Through our growing network of subject matter experts we are able to introduce specific operational and industry expertise, ensuring value potential is realised.

We believe that long-term sustainable value is derived from developing a well-defined competitive advantage which enables business to sustain strong growth and high returns on invested capital.

Our five pillars for building great businesses.

Strategically Driven

A winning strategy requires clarity of purpose and aspiration combined with an understanding of how superior value is created for the customer and the capabilities that are to be deployed to gain competitive advantage.

Customer Led

Winning with customers requires developing an understanding of evolving requirements of the customer and actively designing a value proposition that delights the customer at all points of their customer journey and experience.

Operational Excellence Focused

Winning operationally requires understanding and the continual improvement of the core business processes and developing a way of working that efficiently delivers the value proposition of the organisation.

People Centered

Winning through people and culture requires the right organizational structure and people capability. Engagement is achieved when team members are empowered to be change agents and are at the centre of solutions and innovation.

Value & Results Oriented

Ultimately, winning requires businesses to sustain growth over medium to long term and deliver high returns on capital invested.

How we’ll work in partnership with you.

We take a collaborative approach, working with you to understand your objectives and offer solutions that deliver value to you, to the business and to our business.

Working with management teams, we’ll provide the oversight, expertise and support they need to deliver the required outcomes.

Our business is built on valued long-term relationships based on mutual trust, open communications and a willingness to share ideas, expertise and rewards. We work hard to achieve this.

Getting started

An exploratory informal chat can quickly uncover whether we can assist you and whether we’re right for you. This is how the process can unfold:


Our first meeting can be with the owners, directors or the management team where we get to understand what you are aiming to achieve.


This is where we assess the readiness of the business, the suitability of our partnership and whether we are able to offer a solution.

Investment options

At this stage, we explore the various ways we can value and structure the investment for mutual benefit.

Deal or No deal

The above steps will provide a clarity on whether we can agree on a deal or not. If not, no harm is done as the process remains discreet from employees and customers and the company information remains confidential from competitors.

Due Diligence

If we can mutually agree on a deal our next step is to undertake a due diligence process to confirm the representations made to us about the business, upon which the deal is finalised.

If you’d like to start the conversation, you can contact us here.

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How Successful Founders, CEO’s and CFO’s Fund Business Growth

Discover the typical funding sources and how growth capital enables businesses to raise enough capital without losing control of the business